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3D Lab


Altamira's latest and biggest investment so far made in July 2018 was a PLN 6.6 million capital increase in Warsaw based 3D Lab.

3D Lab develops an atomizer, i.e. a device to manufacture metal powders used in 3D printing. Altamira's money will fund the production implementation of the atomizer.




Altamira's third investment made in April 2018 is a PLN 3.2 million capital increase in Cracow based ShelfWise.

ShelfWise applies visual recognition and machine learning algorithms for shelf management in retail chains. The application is already used internationally by global FMCG firms. Altamira's money will fund further technology development and corporate expansion.


bin e logo


Altamira made its second investment in February 2018, committing PLN 4 million to  Poznań – based Bin-e.

Bin-e is the world's first smart wastebin which recognizes, sorts and compresses waste, for use mainly in office buildings.


Apeiron Synthesis


Altamira made its first investment in January 2017, committing 6 million PLN to the firm Apeiron Synthesis SA.

Apeiron produces a group of modern catalysts, with a broad application in pharmaceuticals, flavours and fragrances, and the production of polymers and rubber.  Apeiron catalysts employ olefin metathesis, the discovery of which was recognized with the award of a Nobel Prize in 2005.


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