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  • You sell goods or services to real clients who pay money, and not in return for barter, ‘social media likes’ etc.,
  • You prefer to think and do concrete things, and not to attend conferences, dazzle in the media, or depreciate the word ‘innovation’ through overuse,
  • You want to be World Champion one day, even if you only play for a local team at present,
  • You understand sport metaphors,

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If you are looking for a partner:

  • Ready to commit their private, and not EU or public money,
  • Ready to roll up their sleeves to develop your company, laughing and crying together with you throughout the process,
  • Who is inquisitive and determined,
  • With investment experience and a network of contacts,
  • Who invests, not in order to inflate their own ego, but to develop the company and to achieve mutual benefits,

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